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Volunteer As A Board Member

Volunteering as a nonprofit board member for the last nearly four years has been a wonderful experience. Depending on the nonprofit, this experience could look drastically different. I've really enjoyed my time as a board member with experience Access Language Solutions because I've gotten an even deeper inside look at nonprofit administration that's expanded what I learned when I was an AmeriCorps VISTA with Kentucky Interpreter & Translator Association (KITA). I accepted the board member position with Access Language Solutions after freelancing as a Marketing Specialist for the previous year.

As one of five board members, I develop, review, and approve plans of reorganization or growth. This requires attending quarterly board member meetings via Zoom to discuss finances, plans, and more. Some of these plans include how we can expand and improve the linguistic services that the nonprofit provides. In collaboration with the Executive Director, the board members and I brainstorm ways we can strengthen the existing services or potentially develop new ones in order to best service our clients.

In addition, I personally offer marketing advice and provide first-hand insight to help grow the organization’s marketing strategies. I review outcomes and metrics to evaluate the performance of social media marketing strategies. Occasionally, I design print marketing materials such as infographics or brochures to promote Access Language Solutions' services. My past experience with social media marketing for KITA really prepared me for helping other nonprofits, so I'm happy to provide marketing advice or assistance as needed in my current role as a board member Access Language Solutions.

This year I've focused primarily on collaborating with the Executive Director and the freelance web designer to update the organization's website. We regularly host Zoom meetings with the web designer to discuss our ideas and provide feedback on progress. Being a part of this process has helped me grow significantly as a leader; I've learned how to communicate my thoughts or suggestions more clearly and effectively in writing or face-to-face in meetings. I've also learned how to advocate for the entity/organization I'm representing and make sure our vendor helps us effectively execute our ideas in a way that professionally represents our nonprofit's mission.

My responsibilities and duties are have definitely evolved as a board member. Now, I play a very serious hand in the decision making process of the nonprofit's structure, growth, and plans. I provide social media and website audits to strengthen the nonprofit's long-term marketing presence. Along with the other board members and Executive Director, I evaluate and approve financial decisions. Together we also assess ways Access Language Solutions can grow our community partnerships, especially with other 501(c)3 nonprofits that share our mission and vision for strengthening language access in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

This experience has helped me grow my experience, resume, and portfolio. A diverse background, including paid jobs and volunteer positions, can help you stand out in your industry or on your next application. Having a wide variety of experience helps you learn new information and processes as well as strengthens important skills like critical thinking. If you're interested in learning more about my experience as a board member, please reach out; I'm more than happy to discuss my personal experience.


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