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Social Media Specialist. Sports Operations. Digital Storyteller. Board Member.

BayLeigh [she/her] is a digital marketing specialist at the intersection of sports, storytelling, pop culture, and advocacy. She's been a passionate Kentucky sports fan since before she could talk; albeit it's unavoidable growing up in central Kentucky. BayLeigh enjoys spending time with her French Bulldog and catching up with her friends. Her hobbies include crafting, writing, reading, and watching films or shows. As a lifelong member of fandoms, she enjoys chatting about books and films as well as how these stories reflect or influence our reality. With a passion for marketing, BayLeigh is looking to make a changethe digital way​.


Professionally, BayLeigh is a creative project manager at Fooji. She's also an innovative marketing specialist with experience analyzing key performance indicators, managing several social media profiles, designing engaging content or documents, and launching other creative initiatives. While her marketing experience lies primarily in the nonprofit sector, she is eager to explore new industries and collaborate with other creators to make positive change. Review BayLeigh's marketing portfolio and LinkedIn profile for a better understanding of her professional work experience.


In 2023, BayLeigh started a position with the Lexington Sporting Club during their inaugural season. Last year she managed and submitted a spreadsheet for broadcasters to announce sponsors during home games. BayLeigh can be found working in the press box and on the field helping the media/marketing team during matches. During matches, she often supports hospitality activities in the Owners' Suite and community outreach events such as working a Back-to-School Night and St. Patrick's Day Parade. BayLeigh wears many hats, and she's excited to work with the Club again this year for their sophomore season.



Transy Alumni Post

Across their social media, my alma mater, Transylvania University, shared this post to congratulate me about my new job with Fooji as well as my work with the Lexington Sporting Club. There's a lot to be grateful about, and I'm so grateful about these opportunities. Blessed is truly an understatement.

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Access Language Solutions Email Debut

In October 2020, I helped launch Access Language Solutions' quarterly newsletter series known as The Interpreter Files. This issue covered language access news and updates in Kentucky as well as introduced me as the nonprofit’s Marketing Specialist.

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My AmeriStory 2018

AmeriCorps Week celebrates all things AmeriCorps, including the programs, organizations, and members who make a strong impact on their communities. During AmeriCorps Week 2018, I wrote my AmeriStory that The Plantory featured on their Facebook page.

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The Railbirds Board Spotlight.png


As we ring in the New Year, I'm happy to announce that I'm the new Community Service Lead for The Railbirds, the official supporters group for the Lexington Sporting Club. In this role, I'll organize events, plan fundraisers, and coordinate volunteer opportunities for fans during the 2024 season.

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Plantory Interview 2018 (2)

Serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA with The Plantory cohort was a great opportunity to learn how the nonprofit sector operates “behind the scenes.” I gained skills to serve my community. In this short interview, I discuss why serving with The Plantory cohort was so rewarding for me.

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KIIS Blog Post

After studying abroad in Spain, I wrote about how living with a host family positively impacted my experience. This is featured on the Kentucky Institute for International Studies’ Student Blog to help other students learn more about studying abroad with a KIIS program.

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AmeriCorps VISTA Spotlight

I served as an AmeriCorps VISTA with the Kentucky Interpreter and Translator Association through the Plantory VISTA Network for one year. At the end of my term, The Plantory highlighted my achievements during my year of service with the nonprofit on their Facebook.

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RADIOLEX Internship.png


During my final year of college, I interned with RADIOLEX's Spanish language station: El Pulso WLXL 95.7. I also edited some of the Spanish language shows and uploaded them to SoundCloud. I even recorded a few PSA's in Spanish and English that you may have heard on the radio.

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