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Marketing for Nonprofits

Founded in 2017 in Lexington, Kentucky, Access Language Solutions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that aims to meet the state’s ever-growing language access needs. Their mission is to bridge communication gaps through high-quality, innovative linguistic solutions. Access Language Solutions strives to other nonprofits, local government entities, independent medical offices, or any others struggling with finding professional yet affordable solutions. While I served as the AmeriCorps VISTA with the Kentucky Interpreter and Translator Association, I met the Founder of Access Language Solutions: Lynn Fors CHI™ who is still an active KITA Board Member. As my supervisor, Lynn and I worked closely together to strengthen KITA’s marketing initiatives, especially their social media marketing, when I was an AmeriCorps VISTA.

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In March 2020, I began collaborating with Access Language Solutions in order to design informative and visually appealing marketing materials to distribute in-person and share online. It’s our goal to design marketing tools to promote the nonprofit’s goal to strengthen linguistic solutions throughout the Commonwealth and promote their services. First, I helped create an educational infographic to describe the services the nonprofit offers as well as why it’s important to bridge communication gaps. Next, I created a brochure that also illustrates the nonprofit’s services and mission; a brochure is a simple yet helpful marketing device to distribute when presenting at community events or meetings so that attendees can learn more later too.

In addition, I designed the 2019 and 2020 Annual Reports with data presented to me by the Access Language Solutions Executive Director. The report highlights the achievements of the interpreters and translators, such as the number of words translated that year or on-site interpreting hours completed; it also highlights the 30 partnerships the nonprofit developed that year. On the second page of the 2019 Annual Report, I helped present Access Language Solutions’ Statement of Financial Position so that the community could better understand the resources that it takes to operate a nonprofit like this one. To share this particular data in a unique, captivating way, I brainstormed lots of ways to present it. For instance, I turned the pie chart of the revenue data into a globe on the financial statement; it may just be an ordinary pie chart, but I wanted to present it and the rest of the data in a more enchanting way. I designed multiple drafts and constantly collaborated with the Executive Director to make the Annual Report the best it can be before we excitedly settled on the final copy.

I am very happy with how these marketing materials have turned out and excited to witness how the materials may help Access Language Solutions share their message with the community. I am grateful to contribute to the social media marketing and other marketing needs of nonprofits or community organizers. It’s exciting to use my skills and experience to assist with their marketing and storytelling needs so that they can reach a wider audience while they focus on other difficult and time consuming administrative tasks. I look forward to assisting community organizers more and contributing to the hard-work of nonprofits. Are you interested in learning more about me, or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Please reach out at any time; I’d be more than happy to chat.


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