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Happy National Nonprofit Day

Happy National Nonprofit Day! For over three and a half years, I’ve volunteered as a Board Member with Access Language Solutions, a local 501(c)3 nonprofit that bridges communication gaps through high-quality, cost-effective, and innovative linguistic solutions for the limited-English speaker and the providers who serve them. In this role, I develop, review, and approve plans for growth. I also offer advice and insight to help develop the organization’s marketing strategies by providing social media or website audits and analyzing key performance indicators to evaluate the performance of the nonprofit's online marketing strategies.

Believe it or not, my history in the nonprofit sector started well before I started volunteering with Access Language Solutions! My first "real" full-time job after college I committed to one year of service as an AmeriCorps VISTA member with The Plantory cohort from August 2017 to August 2018. It was a great opportunity to learn how the nonprofit sector operates “behind the scenes.” My year of service with a local nonprofit helped me grow significantly and develop skills to better serve my community.

During my term as the Language Access Outreach Specialist with the Kentucky Interpreter and Translator Association:

  • I increased follower engagement by 10.8% on Facebook and 7.4% on LinkedIn in one year

  • I grew the nonprofit’s newsletter open rate to 28.1% and grew the click rate to 3.1% in nine months

  • I developed over $4,100 in in-kind resources, non-grant cash, and grant-related funding

  • I reported 58 individuals receiving health and wellness related services from my marketing and programming initiatives

Most of what I learned about social media and email marketing came from my position as an AmeriCorps VISTA with the Kentucky Interpreter and Translator Association. This position provided me complete creative freedom and a wonderful opportunity to learn first-hand about marketing. I’m so grateful for the introduction to digital marketing that this position gave me and the support I received from the Kentucky Interpreter and Translator Association Board Members. In this short interview with The Plantory VISTA leader, I discuss why serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA cohort was so rewarding. You can also learn more about my nonprofit experience by exploring my marketing case studies.


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