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Super Bowl Marketing

For the second year in a row, the average cost of a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl was $7 million (The New York Times). Every year it seems like the cost of a Super Bowl ad continues to skyrocket because this is one of the greatest opportunities to reach the most people in a single instance. Advertising on television has drastically changed over the last two decades. Streaming is more popular than cable so it's more difficult to ind ways to advertise on streaming platforms compared to traditional cable television. These days brands and networks rely on award shows, sports, and other live events to draw viewers and advertise their products or services.

a Wilson football lays on a white line on a football field

Despite how times have changed, the marketing and excitement around the Super Bowl hasn't changed. In fact, it's only grown and become more competitive. A decade ago, the average cost of a 30-second ad was $4 million; ten years before that, it was $2.4 million (The New York Times). The reason for the significant increase in cost for a Super Bowl ad is very simple: supply and demand. I'm sure you've heard of it. There's a limited amount of time and advertising spots each Super Bowl so it's survival of the richest. Brands have to fight for their spot.

Every year the spots sell out in record time. The Super Bowl will broadcast on CBS, and advertising spots were sold out in a matter of weeks in November. For many years, Super Bowl ads were kept under wraps and closely guarded until the day of the game; however, things have changed in recent years. Nowadays companies employ marketing campaigns that often start in mid-January, building up the marketing and the hype for the main commercial they've saved for the Super Bowl.

More often than not, companies play on nostalgia—and it works. What's your favorite Super Bowl commercial from years past? Why did you enjoy it and why does it stand out to you even now? Do you have any predictions for Super Bowl commercials this year? Let me know what you're excited to see!


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