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The Power of Networking

What I’ve enjoyed the most working in the sports industry is the connections I’ve made. A few years ago I felt stagnant and unfulfilled professionally. I felt lost and I was ready to take my future into my own hands. To start, I decided to build my online network and connect with more people on LinkedIn. Building a network is important; to me, it’s essential and I thrive with a supportive community. Little did I know the power of networking would lead to such a fun, amazing opportunity! An enlightening networking call with another woman in the sports industry inspired me to take the leap and manifest a part-time opportunity. 

During our call, she encouraged me to keep making connections and she said I may be surprised what happens as I build my community. I’m grateful for heeding her advice and taking the leap to connect with more people because soon after I received an exciting opportunity that solidified my calling to work in sports. After our call, I reached out to the Lexington Sporting Club President and expressed my interest in learning from them. I was stunned by an offer to work part-time with the club during the inaugural season; this opportunity pushed me to take another leap to make my dream of working in sports a life-time career.

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In the few short months I’ve worked with the club, my future career has become clear. I believe this program is the next step I need to strengthen my skills, broaden my knowledge, and grow in the sports industry. I’m most interested in a marketing career in sports because I’m passionate about storytelling and connecting with others. I’ve been fortunate to work with and learn from people of many diverse backgrounds. Their guidance and determination fuels me to make a difference in sports which is a male dominated industry on all fronts—from athletes to coaches and reporters to writers. I aspire to share the diverse stories of athletes, coaches, reporters, and all of the amazing people who contribute to the sports industry. As a candidate for the Master’s in Sports Administration program, I aspire to make sure diverse voices and ideas are championed. Being a part of this program would give me the skills and knowledge I need to fulfill my dream.

Little did I know the power of networking would lead to such a fun, amazing part-time gig! I'm grateful for taking the leap to connect with and reach out to various leaders with the Club on LinkedIn. The people I've connected and worked with have been so amazing. The past nine months have been such an incredibly fun learning experience. It opened my eyes to the career of my dreams! I've worn many hats, and I'm excited to work with the Club for the entirety of the sophomore season!


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