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A Weekend to Remember

What an exhilarating weekend it has been for fans of Lexington Sporting Club! With both the USL League One team and the W League team emerging victorious, the atmosphere at Toyota Stadium was nothing short of electric this weekend. With both teams securing victories, the club's prowess echoed, igniting passions and uniting supporters in celebration. Don't worry if you missed out on the live action, because I'm here to bring you all the exciting highlights and memorable moments from this incredible weekend.

On Friday night, Lexington's USL W League team played their first match of the season at Toyota Stadium in Georgetown. Under a bright blue sky, fans turned up to support the Gals in Green; the match was free and open to the public. After a thirty minute delay, fans and players alike were ecstatic for the match to begin! Our W League squad consists of star studded talent with new and returning players who are eager to compete. The Gals in Green were hungry for a win, and it showed from the very beginning. The match started off hot with forward Katelynn Fishnick scoring the first two goals back to back.

In the 15th minute, Fishnick scored the first goal of the season; shortly after, in the 21st minute, Fishnick scored AGAIN this time off an assist by JJ Aalbue. The gals in green scored twice more, leading 4-0 going into the first half. At the 29th, Mia Bookhard grabbed a ball deflected by the keeper and sent it flying into the net for our third goal. Then, at the 36th Autumn Weeks found the back of the net after a corner kick by Carola Fontan. Although the gals in green didn't score in the second half, Lexington Sporting Club held off St. Charles FC who didn't score at all the entire game. We couldn't ask for a better to start than this to our sophomore W League Season!

Saturday night Lexington's USL League One team delivered a performance that I believe fans will talk about for years to come because of the lads' unyielding determination. Courtesy of a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Forward Madison FC a few weeks earlier, the lads entered this weekend's match versus CV Fuego FC with momentum on their side. The lads were determined to maintain their undefeated streak. Fate took a different turn as Lexington's opponents found themselves reduced to ten men early in the game because of a red card in the fifth minute. Seizing the opportunity, Cameron Lancaster wasted no time in capitalizing on a free kick just outside the box, giving the home side a crucial 1-0 lead.

As the match progressed, Lexington continued to assert their dominance, with Ates Diouf scoring a brilliant goal in the 22nd minute, assisted by the skillful Abel Caputo. With a 2-0 advantage going into halftime, the Lads in Green seemed poised for victory; however, the second half saw a shift in momentum as Fuego fought back and narrowed the deficit with a goal in the 65th minute. With tensions rising and time ticking away, Fuego managed to equalize, forcing the game into a nerve-wracking 2-2 draw at the end of regulation. In a league match, this would have meant sharing the points, but in the cup competition, there could only be one winner. Lexington Sporting Club's men's team defeated Central Valley Fuego FC 2-2 (4-1) on penalties to remain undefeated in the USL Jäegermeister Cup.

What a truly remarkable weekend it has been for Lexington Sporting Club, with both the USL League One team and the W League team tasting victory. What an amazing weekend for Lexington Sporting Club!! The club’s USL League One team and W League team both won! I always have a fun time cheering for Lexington Sporting Club and I’m so grateful to play a very small role supporting the club on game days.


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