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I Wrote 18 Posts In 18 Weeks

One of my goals for 2022 is to grow my personal brand, and developing my blog and my online portfolio seemed like the best place to start. So, in February, I challenged myself to write more often so I could grow my blog. Since then, I’m proud to say I’ve written and published a new blog post every week for the last 19 weeks! From marketing tips and social media advice to personal insight and theme park vacation tips, now my blog is full of posts with my favorite content.

When I first decided to develop my blog and write more, I never expected I'd write this much. Honestly, I feared I wouldn't stay this consistent. I've tried this before; I've made this my New Year's resolution in the past, but I never stuck with it. What's changed now? The biggest difference this time has been setting a realistic goal for myself. As a creative person, I often have BIG project ideas—so big it's easy to get discouraged when it doesn't turn out as awesome as quickly as I pictured in my head.

This year I really wanted to strengthen my personal brand by writing more often and developing my blog. If I wanted to make it work this time around, I knew something had to change within myself so I could achieve my goals. To make this happen and remain consistent, I knew I needed to set small realistic goals that I could achieve in a timely manner. Instead of shooting for my big, shiny dream from the beginning, I set small, actionable goals to work towards over time.

Breaking it down into small steps makes any task more manageable and prevents burn out. For example, my initial goal was pretty simple: write and publish 1-2 posts each month. I knew that's something I could achieve with my work schedule and personal life. Over time, I was able to add more writing time to my schedule and increase how I often I could post. Since then, I've developed a strong writing pattern that's motivated me to write more frequently. Now, I write and publish one blog post per week, which is manageable for me.

I highly recommend setting realistic goals for anything you want to achieve. If you're passionate and creative, it's easy to get swept away by big ideas. As I mentioned, I know first-hand how easy it is to lose interest and motivation if I set my initial goals too high and don't met them as effortlessly as I envisioned in the beginning. Setting realistic goals in the beginning helps turn goals into habits. Remember: slow and steady wins the race!

We're halfway thru 2022, and I'm so proud of all the things I've done to elevate my personal brand including developing my blog with a SMART goals. I'm excited to watch my website grow as I publish more blog posts or share my other passion projects. If you have a chance, please read some of my other blog posts and check out the rest of my website; I'd greatly appreciate any constructive feedback you care to submit.

For more tips on how to develop a blog, check out my post "Elevate Your Blog With 4 Steps."


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