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Threads Tests Tags

It's not hashtags but it's kinda like hashtags so let's break it down. Last Wednesday Threads announced it's testing a new feature called topic tags. In essence, tags link your posts to a broader selection of posts (like a conversation) on the same subject—or better yet a topic. Pun intended. To explain the new topic tags feature, Instagram released the following statement: “When you’re creating a Threads post, press the # button or type “#” followed by text to add a tag. When you start typing, corresponding options will appear – or you can create your own tag. Once you select the tag and post, people will be able to click into the tag to see related posts on the topic.”

You might be asking yourself, How is this different than hashtags on Instagram or Twitter/X? Simply put, topic tags require users to manually tag each post with a relevant topic tag rather than being able to copy/paste from a deck of hashtags that many social media users save to use in multiple posts (re their Instagram captions). This could potentially help limit bots who often latch onto trending tags to spew their spam. Threads only allows you to add one topic tag to a post at a time; thus, limiting the typical behavior of adding a heap of tags with the hopes of maximizing exposure to go viral with a popular hashtag—I mean topic tag.


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