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Unexpected Creative Outlets

At Ruggles Sign, my primary responsibility is working as a project manager. In this role, I manage over 100 ongoing projects simultaneously while ensuring all are completed within budget in a timely manner. I balance this many projects by forecasting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, and categorizing responsibilities. I'm accountable for managing the lifecycle of all projects including acquiring customer or landlord approvals, negotiating pricing, securing permits, and coordinating install. I pride myself on establishing close partnerships with our national retail clients with clear communication and by processing tasks or inquiries swiftly.

One of my favorite parts about working at Ruggles Sign is when our company's leaders ask me to help with marketing. When I was hired, they knew how much I enjoyed being creative and diving into marketing initiatives. After six months with the company, they asked me to start posting weekly on the company social media. I also assist with ad hoc marketing initiatives while maintaining my primary role as a project manager. Sometimes creative outlets find you in the strangest of way, at the most unexpected times. Take the following projects below as examples of the amazing things I've been able to do.

I'm incredibly grateful that my bosses trust me to contribute to important projects like the competition hosted by NIKE's Diverse Supplier Development Program. I greatly appreciate that they find ways to fuel my passions and ask me to design creative materials like the workflow infographic for a webinar (click the image left). Great leaders encourage their employees to reach their goals and find ways to bring out the best in their employees. Sometimes that means giving employees like me unexpected opportunities to fuel their creative side and contribute to marketing initiatives.


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