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State of Social Media Report

Staying up to date on marketing trends, tactics, and strategies can be overwhelming. The Internet is constantly evolving at lightning speed, and it can be difficult trying to keep up with the plethora of new websites, apps, and social media that seemingly pop up over night. There are so many great resources out there to continue you learning and help you grow your brand, but where do you start? One of the many marketing leaders I recommend following is Sprout Social, a global leader in social media management and analytics software.

In addition to their full suite of social media management tools and solutions, Sprout Social consistently provides amazing marketing reports and marketing insight about the industry to help brands grow. For example, in partnership with The Harris Poll, Sprout Social recently surveyed more than 750 leaders from a variety of US & UK businesses to better understand how they’re investing in social media and its impact on their companies. What they discovered is:

➞ 96% of business leaders believe they must invest in social media marketing to be successful yet

➞ 69% agree social media data and insights are underutilized at their company

Why do you think so many business leaders agree social media marketing is important but recognize its being underutilized within their companies? Download the 2023 State of Social Media Report and learn more.


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