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Celebrate National Philanthropy Day

Founded by The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), National Philanthropy Day is celebrated every year on November 15 to recognize the importance of working together for the common good. Each year the AFP honors organizations, individuals, or groups who have enhanced philanthropy, their communities, and the world. As a nonprofit board member and a former AmeriCorps VISTA, I understand and value the importance of community involvement. I have a very strong understanding of the importance of capacity building and the administrative responsibilities needed to manage a nonprofit.

There are so many ways to support my community, and I believe sports are an incredibly important way to encourage people to get involved in their communities. In fact, that's what inspired me to get involved with The Railbirds, the official supporter group of the Lexington Sporting Club. As Community Work Lead, I'm excited to share The Railbirds will sponsor 2-3 kids from the Angel Tree this year for Christmas and we invite Lexington Sporting Club fans to get involved! Stay tuned because we’ll share the lists once we pick them from the Angel Tree. Tag @TheRailbirds859 in your shopping photos on Instagram! #LEXGO 💚⚽️

Social media graphic with red snow flakes, Christmas Trees, bell, and start ornaments hanging from the top. The text reads "The Railbirds Angel Tree" in bold red all caps letters. In smaller black text is a description of the event.

Message me if you’re willing to donate 2-3 toys for a child. The Railbirds board will donate a mini soccer ball or some sort of soccer merch for each child. As a board, we recognize the holidays are a stressful time so please only participate if you have the means. There’s no pressure at all to participate in this, and I promise there will be more opportunities in 2024 for you to get involved if now isn’t a great time. As Community Work Lead, I'm really excited to plan events and activities like this so sports fans can come together to support our community. National Philanthropy Day is all about recognizing the incredible work people do to give back to their communities. I'm excited to see how The Railbirds come together to bring joy to local kids and their families this holiday season!


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