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My Journey Towards Self-Discovery

What are your three words to define yourself or your goals for this year? As I celebrate turning 29 this year, I've thought about how I want to spend the last year of my twenties. Unfiltered. Authentic. Refreshingly Real. These are the three words that called out to me.

Side profile of BayLeigh wearing a white and black checkered bathing suit top. Her har is down and blowing in the wind. She's wearing sunglasses.

My anxiety reached an all time high in the summer of 2023. I’ve dealt with anxiety since I was a kid so by now I’m good at hiding it so a lot of people probably never noticed. For several months last year, I dealt with intense levels of anxiety and awful panic attacks that persisted for way too long before it all finally blew up and I couldn’t avoid it any longer. With help and antidepressants (yay meds!), I was able to feel like myself again several weeks later. In 2023, I found my power to grow and heal ... and it was in me all along. I share this because I know talking about mental health makes others feel less alone.

This year I want to live unfiltered. Feel my feelings. Think freely without doubt. Say what’s on my heart. This year I want to be authentic. Discover my own style. Build my own style. Embrace my own flow. This year I want to feel refreshingly real. Mend my mental health. Take care of my body. Live healthier.


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