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The Year Of Self-Love

A close friend recently told me: “I feel like this has been a year of self-love for you. You’re feelin yourself and becoming more confident—and that makes me happy.” I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear that. It really hit home because it made me realize how much I’ve grown this year. I’ve always doubted myself. Whether it’s at school, work related, or more personal, I’ve always struggled with imposter syndrome. I give a 110% at everything I do, but I never give myself credit for doing well or even trying, which quickly leads to massive burn out. I’ve never been very confident. I never liked public speaking or being the center of attention in anyway. I most definitely never liked being in front of a camera! But this year I’ve grown so much: I pushed myself out of comfort zone several times. I shared great ideas at work and contributed to some stellar projects. I also developed my online portfolio/blog. Most importantly, I started taking better care of myself and I learned to ask for help when I reached my limits with anxiety. As a treat, I signed up for a portrait session to celebrate myself for how much I’ve grown this year. I’m constantly learning and I’m excited to see how I keep growing in the years to come. I was seriously overdue for some new headshots considering my last (and only) professional portrait session was in high school lol

Special thanks to Tadeo Reyes x F/2.0 Visuals for the very fun portrait session!


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