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Introducing Threads By Meta

There's a new app on the block! Have you downloaded Meta’s new app, Threads? The app has seen incredible growth over the last few days. Built and launched by the Instagram team, Threads is an app dedicated to sharing short-form text updates; you login using your Instagram account to create a Threads profile, meaning both are connected. Posts can be up to 500 characters and include links, photos, or short videos. You can connect with friends, brands, or followers in a brief way as well as join public conversations about your favorite things. Does this sound reminiscent of an infamous bird app? (cough, cough Twitter 👀)

So far I like Threads! It’s easy to navigate and seems pretty wholesome with brands and memes so far. The structure and layout of the app is very familiar for most Twitter users, which I personally think is good because building familiarity is important online. What do you think of Threads so far? I’m eager to hear what others think and I'm excited to watch what happens with the app in the future!! Learn more about Threads directly from sources at Instagram and Meta.


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