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Social Media Career Report

Hootsuite just released their 2023 Social Media Career Report detailing the current state of the social media industry. The social media landscape has drastically changed since the early days of AIM and Myspace—or when you needed a college email to signup for Facebook. From seemingly endless new apps/sites with unique interfaces and algorithms to incorporating things like corporate social responsibility online, the last couple decades have been a wild ride for social marketers to say the very least. The perception and responsibilities of social media managers (SMMs) has changed so much; not to mention it seems like it's always evolving as the Internet grows as well.

So in 2023, we can finally say (with confidence) that social marketing has blossomed into a full-fledged career, which makes it the perfect time to talk about it. There is a never ending sense of creative freedom and opportunities to explore online, which many professionals greatly enjoy about working in social media. Many SMMs pride themselves on using social media to propel their (personal or company) brands’ success; however, it hasn't always been easy gaining appreciation for their hard-work and they’re gaining more respect for it (albeit slowly). Here a few of the most common hardships social media managers face:

  • 56% say their bosses don’t understand social media

  • About half don’t have the time or budget to do their jobs well

  • Nearly half believe they’re not fairly compensated

Nevertheless, when asked what social media managers love most about their jobs, most were unanimous in their answers, claiming they love working in this industry because it’s so much fun. As a social media manager and creative person, I can attest that working in social media truly is fun. It's a very rewarding and ever-evolving industry that fuels creativity. In fact, it's the creative side of the job makes me give everything I have to research what it takes to make an effective social media campaign, creative a captivating social media graphic/post, and build a strong presence for a brand.


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