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Catch Me at the Pitch

In 2023, I worked with the Lexington Sporting Club, a USL League One professional soccer team, during their inaugural season. I managed and submitted a spreadsheet to the league for broadcasters to announce sponsors during home games. I often helped with hospitality activities in the Owners' Suite where I serve club owners and VIP ticket holders. I supported other hospitality events and community outreach activities; for example, I managed a booth at a Back-to-School Night during the first game I worked. At this event, I was able to utilize my second language to communicate with native Spanish-speakers, which was a very pleasant surprise!

Little did I know the power of networking would lead to such a fun, amazing part-time gig! An enlightening networking call with another woman in the sports industry inspired me to take the leap and manifest a part-time opportunity. I'm grateful for taking the leap to connect with and reach out to various leaders with the club on LinkedIn. The people I've connected and worked with have been so amazing. I have no serious expectations with this position; I'm simply enjoying the ride. I've been wearing many different hats so far and I'm excited for the rest of the season!

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