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Express Passes 101

Like most theme parks, Universal Orlando Resort offers express passes—commonly referred to as "fast passes." At Universal, there are two kinds of fast passes: Universal Express or Universal Express Unlimited. Universal Express pass grants you to skip the ride once for each participating attraction. For example, this means if you want to ride The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man or the Incredible Hulk Coaster multiple times, you can only use the Universal Express pass once. If you want to ride the same coaster several times and use the fast pass every time, then you need the Universal Express Unlimited pass. These two express passes are only valid at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure; Volcano Bay has it's own version of fast passes.

Confused? It's totally okay if you are! It can be confusing if you're not familiar with the terminology, but if you read the fine print at check out, I promise you'll be fine. You can also call Universal Guest Services and ask for help; they'll even book your entire vacation for you! Either way express passes are separate from your ordinary park ticket that you typically purchase as an odd-on. However, if you stay at one of the three premier Universal hotels, then unlimited express passes are included with your stay. This perk/amenity is only included for guests at Loews Portofino Bay, Hard Rock Hotel, or Loews Royal Pacific. Read my latest post "Picking A Universal Hotel" to learn more about the premier hotels and other amazing Universal hotels!

The three premier hotels are the most expensive, but many guests book at these hotels to get Universal Express Unlimited pass for the duration of their vacation. By staying at a premier hotel, you get the unlimited fast pass from the day you check in to the day you check out. As soon as you check in and get your hotel key, you can start using the unlimited fast pass with a valid park ticket. Your hotel key acts as your fast pass; so when you're in the parks, the Universal team members will scan it to show you have the Universal Express Unlimited pass. The unlimited fast past is still valid on the day you check out. If you check out of the premier hotel and still want to go to the parks, then you can still use the unlimited fast pass at the parks with a valid park ticket.

Vist the official Universal Orlando Resort app or website to learn more about express passes.


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