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AmeriCorps VISTA March Report

This month I continued to promote the Language Access Film Festival and our 12-Year Anniversary Celebrationvia social media; I also sent emails to various individuals who and departments who might be interested, including language professors statewide. I “boosted” the Facebook events and photos on Instagram. Hopefully, boosting these posts will help us reach a wider audience who might be interested in attending. I am still brainstorming other creative, engaging ways that I can promote both of the events. Online, I think, it might be helpful to post boomerangs or videos because just pictures and text posts can be rather boring so people might skip/gloss over them. On the day of each film, I plan to post about that film in the Facebook event and on other social media. I have also thought about “going live” on Facebook and Instagram at the beginning of the each screening, as we prepare the popcorn and people arrive. We plan to host a discussion after each film, so maybe “going live” then would be a great idea too.

Perhaps there could be a fun way to highlight what silent auction items we have through boomerangs or videos. So far, we have received a pair tickets from Louisville Ballet and Lexington Ballet; in addition to a gift basket from West Sixth Brewery, Woodford Reserve Distillery, and Four Roses Distillery have donated gift baskets. Kendra Scott (jewelry store) has also donated 2 gift baskets. Jeremy Daughetry Massage, the Lexington Philharmonic, and Lexington Children’s Theatre have made donations. Ale-8 has donated refreshments as well. We are most likely going to have food from Moe’s at our 12-Year Anniversary Celebration. With a board member’s help, I have been collecting all of the donations and recording the items on a spreadsheet.

During the middle of March, AmeriCorps members across the nation celebrated AmeriCorps Week—which took place April 11-17. AmeriCorps members highlighted all of the ways they #GetThingsDone; AmeriCorps Week is a time to recognize all of the way AmeriCorps programs, such as VISTA, and its members impact their communities. The AmeriCorps VISTA members in the Plantory Network, including me, shared their “AmeriStories.” I am happy to share my experience serving with such an amazing nonprofit because it has given me a chance to learn about myself. Although my year of national service isn’t over, I am grateful to have served as an AmeriCorps VISTA member because it has helped me understand myself as a person and leader better, learn what my career interests are, and understand how I want to be involved in my community.

Special thanks to The Plantory for sharing all of our stories on their Facebook and highlighting the amazing work we've all achieved this year with our sites.


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