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AmeriCorps VISTA April Report

At the beginning of the month, KITA hosted our 12-Year Anniversary Celebration. Most of our silent auction items were sold, and there was a good turn out of people too. The short film Listen seemed to draw a lot of emotions and the brief discussion at the end went well. Considering that KITA is such a small organization, I think the 12-Year Anniversary Celebration went very well and had great attendance; it was a great way to celebrate KITA’s hard-work over the last decade as well as commerce the organization’s vision for the future. Plus, it was a great way to conclude our three week long Language Access Film Festival, which was also successful.

Earlier this month AmeriCorps members across the nation participated in the National Service Recognition Day—which took place April 3. The AmeriCorps VISTA members in the Plantory Network, including myself, volunteered with Seedleaf, a nonprofit that “exists to nourish communities by growing, cooking, sharing, and recycling food in Lexington, KY.” For several hours, we helped clear approximately 50 feet of invasive honeysuckle as a part of their urban farming project clean up. As the honeysuckle was removed, we group it into small piles and bundled it together in order to make it easier to transport. I enjoyed working with such a great nonprofit for the second time; it had been nearly five years since I served with Seedleaf during my time in college.

I'm so grateful for Seedless and the work that they do. Special thanks to The Plantory staff for making this video of our day.


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