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A New Era of Women's Soccer Begins

Last week Lexington Sporting Club announced the highly-anticipated home opening match of its USL Super League team against the Tampa Bay Sun FC. The match is set to kick off on September 8, 2024. This event marks a significant milestone for the club and the community, as the club makes its appearance on the national stage of elite soccer competition.

This match is more than just a game; it’s a celebration of community and the growing support for women's sports. This is an opportunity for soccer fans in Kentucky to come together, cheer for their local team, and be part of a larger movement that values and promotes women's athletics.

The USL Super League is a professional women’s soccer league committed to U.S. Soccer’s Division One standards. This new league provides an essential pathway for women to advance their skills and compete at an elite level on the field while simultaneously building the necessary experience to grow professionally off the field. expanding the opportunity for women in professional soccer.

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