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The Value of Testimonials

After completing a project or service for a client, do you follow up with them? Do you know how your communication and interactions influenced your partnership? Do you check in on the status of their business after the work is complete? Do you know the long-term impacts of your work together? Gathering feedback from your clients is essential to your growth as a freelancer or small business owner. Their responses and assessments will help you understand how you can improve in your onboarding process or during a project/contract. Client testimonials help you grow and learn as a creator, freelancer, and/or business owner.

In addition, testimonials are also an excellent marketing strategy. People want to SEE what you can do for them. This is your chance for a humble brag, so use it well. Show them what you can do and back it up with proof from past projects and impact stories from your clients. There's power in numbers so use your quantitative results to emphasize those testimonials and stories. Include stats and key performance indicators to further drive the point home. With testimonials, you can clearly display your knowledge, skills, and experience by showcasing a review from a client.

People trust people more so than brands or corporations. What do you do when you're considering buying a new product? You read reviews online, check out their website, and ask your friends or family for advice. Testimonials build trust with your audience and illustrate how you work well for your existing clientele. It exposes potential new customers to how you're helping other brands like there's and how your services or products can help them too.

When people see the results, they’re more likely to be convinced and trust that you are great at what you do. I recommend incorporating quantitative results in your caption or blog post to further exemplify your expertise. In addition to sharing your client's impact story, share the numbers and results to quantify and illustrate how your services or products helped them. Did your marketing services increase their sales by a certain percentage?

Sharing client impact stories will build your trust and develop a stronger relationship with your audience or potential new clients. Plus, testimonials will help you elevate your content strategy and take your marketing to the next level by incorporating them on your website, social media posts, newsletters, or blog posts. Take this as your sign to share client testimonials. How do you plan to collect feedback and incorporate client testimonials in your digital marketing strategies?


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