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Spotify Wrapped Marketing

No one does marketing quite like Spotify! For the past 48 hours, I bet your newsfeed has been FULL of Spotify Wrapped posts—just like mine. Tis the season and with every holiday season comes the highly anticipated Spotify Wrapped. In case you're not familiar, this is a marketing campaign launched by music tech giant Spotify. Spotify Wrapped is presented to users through a bright, animated slideshow and creates a playlist of your most listened to songs of the year; it's a feature all users have access to whether you have a premium or free plan.

Spotify Wrapped utilizes user data to deliver you a summary of your most listened to songs, genres, artists, and podcasts from the year. Years before it launched, the team realized they were already collecting this data and brainstormed how they could share it with their audience in an engaging way. Spotify Wrapped has grown exponentially since it launched in 2015 with a new theme and new features each year. What started as a simple data share as a treat for existing Spotify listeners has grown into a highly anticipated holiday tradition. In the first year, Spotify Wrapped generated a mind-boggling 5 million site visitors and over 1 million social shares (Variety 2021).

Every holiday season, Spotify users eagerly wait for their results, prompting buzz on social media in the weeks leading up to the release during the holiday season. This buzz has catapulted their brand to new heights and made Spotify a powerhouse in the tech and music industries. Once Spotify Wrapped launches at the end of each year, users excitedly share their results with stunning branded content provided by Spotify—unknowingly promoting the brand and increasing the brand's reach. The reward for Spotify truly is ten-fold.

In 2020, Spotify Wrapped saw over 60 million shares from 90 million users, and that’s just counting what Spotify can measure, as screen shots aren’t something the company can track (Variety 2021).

This clever annual marketing campaign serves up exactly what users want: personalization. Spotify wraps up nostalgia and gifts your favorite tunes in a bright animated package just in time for the holidays. I'm very pleased with my 2022 Spotify Wrapped and I'm excited to see what's in store next year! What’s a new theme or feature you’d like to see with the 2023 Spotify Wrapped?

2022 Spotify Wrapped Graphic

Create a Spotify account and start tuning into your favorite podcasts or listening to your favorite artists to see what your 2023 Spotify Wrapped is like next year!


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