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Print Marketing Isn't Dead

It's 2022 and most of the world has gone digital. From email to social media, everyone and every brand is online in some form. The Internet is growing every day with new apps, software, and social networks. It can be hard and overwhelming to maintain the same momentum with the ever-growing Internet. For that reason, it's important to keep up and make sure your digital marketing isn't lacking; however, it's absolutely crucial to keep in mind that digital marketing isn't the only effective way to reach your audience. Your marketing plans should include variety of styles and strategies to have the most success.

Although the world has gone digital, there are so many ways you can have marketing success and connect with your target audience. Some marketing strategies—such as print marketing, television commercials, or radio advertisements—might seem outdated, but they're still powerful. I often emphasize that it's smart not to bite off more than you can chew; nevertheless, it's incredibly important to be a jack of all trades by focusing on a few different marketing strategies. I understand it can be easy to go all in—maybe even a little overboard—but I encourage you to experiment and try new things. Here are a few ways to develop your print marketing strategies.

An infographic is a collection of imagery and data visualizations with minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. Infographics give you a chance to present information in a simple and unique way, including your services, programs, or achievements. Take these infographics I made for example. The regular use of imagery helps convey messages. The imagery also helps the readers' eyes skim and decipher a brief idea of what the content about.

Diversifying your marketing materials is crucial to appeal to a wider audience. Do you think your brand or business would benefit with marketing from infographics? Please reach out to me, and we can schedule a brainstorming session!

Business cards make a statement. They’re pocket sized introductions with your contact information. While a simple and traditional business card might be the best solution in certain contexts, it’s also great to explore alternatives. Take this twist on business cards for Access Language Solutions for instance. The Executive Director came to me with a request to design a form with instructions on how to reach them if you need an interpreter. I decided to design this in business card format so the instructions would be accessible because in this format, someone can carry it in their wallet or purse wherever they go!

What do you think? Do you believe business cards are important? How can we make them even more accessible?

It's 2022 and most of the world has gone digital, but print marketing isn't dead! From business cards and infographics to event flyers and brochures, every brand or business needs to develop their print marketing strategies. Although it's important to keep up as the Internet grows every day, it's equally important to focus on and strengthen other forms of marketing whether it's print marketing, radio ads, television commercials, or more. The most important thing I recommend is to understand your target audience as much as possible. Study them to determine their habits. While it may be important to focus your marketing online (or off-line) depending on your audience, don't completely let the other marketing strategies fall through the cracks.

Interested in working together? Maybe you're ready to take your marketing to the next level! Please reach out so we can schedule a brainstorming session; I'm more than happy to chat.


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