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Major Instagram Update

Did you hear the great news? Now you can add up to 5 links in your Instagram bio! Today April 18, 2023 Meta tweeted the news and I was super excited to hear the news from Social Media Today. As per Instagram:

“Starting today, the update will make it easier for creators and other users to highlight their passions, bring awareness to causes they care about, promote brands they love, showcase their personal business, and more.”

This could be a huge game changer for content creators, marketers, and small businesses because it will allow you options to direct your clients or consumers to multiple sites, files, or links directly from your Instagram bio. Let's break it down: this new feature showcases how many links you have in your bio. When tapped, other Instagram users will get a similar experience as Linktree with an list of various links. Take the example for instance: one user added links to their website, shop, and a charity. Not so great news for Linktree and similar platforms...

This one of the most anticipated and most requested updates because it gives Instagram users the ability to add up to five links in their Instagram bio, expanding on its capacity to drive traffic. I've already updated my profile with a total of three links: my portfolio and two links to projects. Check it on @BayLeighCreates on Instagram! Have you already updated your profile? Do you think this new feature will help you take your brand or digital content to the next level? 👇


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