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Holiday Marketing

Marketing comes in all forms: videos, social media, radio ads, magazines—to name a few. During the holidays, brands and businesses take marketing to the next level. Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes ... and cups. No one does marketing quite like Starbucks! It seems like the buzz about Starbucks holiday flavors and cups starts earlier and earlier every year. Fans truly go crazy waiting for the announcement and flock to their nearest Starbucks once it hits the coffee shops.

For the past few weeks, coffee lovers have eagerly anticipated an announcement about Starbucks holiday flavors and cups. Fans are in luck because the wait is finally over! The company just announced that guests who order one of the handcrafted holiday or fall beverages, like the Caramel Brûlée Latte (my personal favorite), on November 17 will receive a reusable red cup free of charge while supplies last. Hurry, because demand is hot and supplies usually only last for a day! Whether you order on the app or in person, you have a chance to get the reusable gift. That's not where the rewards end for Starbucks fans! Guests will receive a 10-cent discount on any future order when they bring their recyclable cup back for the next order. And it gets better! Starbucks Rewards members who use the app will receive 25 bonus stars!

In addition, Starbucks has finally announced their 2022 paper cups! Coming in red, mint-green, and white, the cups feature snowflakes, evergreen trees, and sparkles. These cups are easily recognizable, and in turn, serve as a marketing device by promoting the company as buyers take their coffee to go at work, school, etc. What impresses me the most about this Starbucks campaign is how word of mouth marketing and online buzz sort has taken a life of its own.

This buzz has catapulted the infamous coffee chain to new heights and made Starbucks a powerhouse in the coffee and fast food industries, especially during the holidays. It's a form of free marketing that Starbucks that doesn't have to manage itself. The brand is so popular word of mouth marketing does a lot of the hype for them. For weeks leading up to the announcement, fans will talk about it on Instagram and Facebook; they'll Tweet about it or post about it on TikTok. Then, when the cups and flavors drop, fans flock to their nearest Starbucks. Another smart move by Starbucks is making the recyclable holiday cups limited. This limited edition marketing strategy can lead to an increase in demand and revenue.

Holiday marketing gets more impressive and creative every year. Trends come and go, so the ones that stick with us are the ones that usually make a solid impression or create a core memory. Anyone else remember the Campbell soup commercial with the snowman or is that just me? I'm excited to see what other trends are coming this season. Are there other announcements or brands you're excited to see launch their holiday marketing.


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