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Donut Kill My Vibe

What's better than donuts? Quirky, fun donuts! That's exactly what Voodoo Doughnuts offers customers. Described as "delightfully weird" and "sinfully delicious," Voodoo Donuts started in Portland, Oregon, and quickly became a fast-growing West Coast chain with locations scattered across Oregon, Colorado, and Texas. The eccentric donut shop is also a staple for many theme park enthusiasts—new and frequent visitors alike—visiting Universal Orlando Resort or Universal Hollywood.

When you enter Voodoo Donuts, you'll find donuts so eccentric outlandish you might not believe what you're seeing. You find donuts beyond your wildest dreams! From the beloved pink Homer donut inspired by The Simpsons to the Grape Ape (covered in grape frosting), Voodoo Donuts offers over a variety of oddities that are bound to appeal to everyone's taste buds. Everyday the donut engineers at serve over 50 different donuts in City Walk at Universal Orlando Resort. Whether it's a classic old fashioned doughnut or an unconventional treat, you're bound to find a donut anyone will enjoy!

My favorites are their signature Voodoo Dolls or the maple bacon bar. The Voodoo Doll is exactly what you're imaging: a donut vaguely shaped like a doll. To top it off, the donut is dipped in chocolate and designed with a wild icing pattern. The best part, to me, is how they really stick (pun intended) to the name by "stabbing" the donut in the heart with a pretzel stick. The Voodoo Doll is also filled with strawberry jam, which can be a bloody mess. A maple bacon donut is a classic for me wherever I go; the sweet maple icing balances the saltiness of the bacon strip nestled on top.

You can find Voodoo Donuts next to the NBC Sports Grill & Brew, close to the entrance of Universal Studios Florida in City Walk.


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