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Content Pillars 101

Do you ever struggle to create social media or other digital content like blog posts? Have you ever been so busy handling other aspects of your business or life and pushed social media content to the side? If so, it's time to focus on your social media and digital marketing strategy. The first step to making content creation is establish content pillars. Content pillars are topics your business or brand will consistently discuss, amplify, or create content for online, particularly on social media.

Content pillars keep you organized, maintain a consistent posting schedule, and help get your creative juices flowing when you're struggling or busy. Establishing content pillars will help you understand your goals and business so you can reach and connect with your target audience in a meaningful. Content pillars will help you dig into your business and develop a niche so you can create amazing content your audience will love. Your content pillars will be specific to your industry and brand or business; it's possible that there may be some overlap and that's fine!

3 columns and 3 rows of blank yellow post-it notes
Set aside time to plan and create content pillars

What does it take to start and create content pillars? First, consider your purpose, mission, and vision for your business. Also, consider common experiences or even pain points in your field. Ask yourself these questions: What do you want people to know? What do you want to highlight about the industry or your business? Establish 3-5 content pillars. Then, create bullet points of ideas for each content pillar. If one of your content pillars is "Education," then your list of ideas may include industry updates, course recommendations, training or certification information, and other resources.

When making the list of content ideas for each pillar, take a moment to consider the type of content you can create with each idea. Assign ideas to different types of content such as TikTok videos, Instagram carousels, blog posts, etc. For example, you can post testimonials as static Instagram photos or a Reel. Don't feel like you're confined to making a certain type of post; this is just an exercise to get your creativity flowing. One of my favorite people to follow for resources and tips like this is U.K. graphic designer Abi Connick; check out her Instagram strategy for creating content pillars.


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