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AmeriCorps VISTA June Report

All month long KITA participated in a fundraiser at West Sixth Brewing called the Wooden Nickel Program. How it works is, each flight of beer (where you sample beers from the tap list) comes with a physical Wooden Nickel that represents $1. From there, you can choose to donate your nickel to West Sixth’s monthly cause. You can choose to get four or five samples with your flight; you can mix and match the samples however you would like. Each month the brewery supports a different cause, so you have the chance to frequently support a variety of local nonprofits and causes—all while enjoying a flight! On June 23, West Sixth allowed us to host an outreach event during Happy Hour in order to promote KITA more; that night was incredibly fun because several people attended after the 2018 World Refugee Day Summit.

At the very end of the month, KITA started another round of the Core Medical Interpreter Training. The registration process had ended right before June began, which means a lot of the other important work came next. I was very busy this month because I had to contact all of the students to make sure that they completed all of the necessary steps. I had to notify which students received a scholarship, explain to everyone that they needed to signup to take a language proficiency exam, and inform each student what that their payment balance was—which also requires collecting their payments. For me this part of my job is very stressful (and time consuming) because I have to perform such important duties as well as ensure the students complete their necessary steps on time. Because I am not a professional interpreter, I haven’t completed the process of what it takes to become one; this makes it difficult for me to answer specific questions that the students have about the training and professional interpreting in general.


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