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AmeriCorps VISTA December Report

Once again, December felt busy but also a little slow. The entire month was spent mostly dedicating my time towards the GoodGiving Challenge. For a small nonprofit organization, the GoodGiving Challenge is exactly that—a challenge. When you’re a small nonprofit like the KITA, your pool of supporters and donors, especially engaged and active ones, is small as well. Our online presence is pretty small too, so it's really difficult to spread the word; however, as we continue to host more interpreter meet-ups in conjunction with fundraisers, increase our online presence, and strengthen our committees I think the 2018 GoodGiving Challenge will be function differently because we will have established strong networks and connections. Nevertheless, I think we did a great job for our first time and we raised $1,013 all thanks to 23 unique donors!

In December, I planned another interpreter meet-up and fundraiser that happened during the last week as well as one that is going to happen in January. The December interpreter meet-up and fundraiser happened all day at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse. I think that the event went well, and people keep giving us great feedback. From what we have been able to tell, it seems that people really enjoy having the chance to interact with other interpreters/translators and dine together. We intend to have interpreter meet-ups/fundraisers monthly, so that we can keep fulfilling that part of our mission. In January, I will plan the ones that will take place in February and March, so that we can be prepared to share that information.

Personally, I think the fundraisers are a really great idea because it is not only a great way to obviously get funds and raise awareness about KITA on a small scale but it is also a great way to connect with the interpreter/translator community like we want to do. For that reason, I am working on planning more fundraisers, so that we can keep hosting the meet-ups. It is our goal to have host one once a month (preferably at the end of the month) at various places in town. Another goal we have is to host the fundraisers/meet-ups each month, so that we maintain our presence in the community and sustain our connections as well. It is my goal to host the fundraisers/meet-ups at different types of locations for multiple reasons: to expand our presence, to raise awareness, to partner with different types of restaurants and businesses, and (i.e. coffee shops, local restaurants, etc.), and to offer a different environment for the meet-ups each month.


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