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4 New Instagram Features

Things just got better for Instagram content creators! In a new Reel, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri discussed how "creators are incredibly important to the future of Instagram." He went on to highlight four new features designed specifically with creators in mind. This is definitely refreshing to hear when lots of users are feeling frustrated by certain features, the newsfeed display, and "algorithm." Let's break down the four major Instagram features that have rolled out recently:

1. Extending Reel Length

Now you can share Reels as long as 90 seconds! This is an exciting way to share more detailed content and stories. However, I recommend limiting how often you create Reels that are 60-90 seconds long because short videos often perform the best.

According to HubSpot, "85% of marketers say short-form is the most effective video style they leverage." I recommend keeping most of your Reels at 15 seconds or less in order to keep your audience's attention and increase your ROI. Longer Reels and videos can definitely be successful with a strong marketing strategy!

2. Import Audio in Reels

You can import any audio from your library. Have a favorite TikTok that you've saved on your phone? Want to share the funny audio from a video you filmed with your friends or family? Now you can import that audio in your next reel! This is a great opportunity to act on your new ideas and create awesome reels with the audio saved in your library.

3. Interactive Stickers in Reels

Now you can add interactive stickers to reels the same way you can on your story. On your next Reel, try adding a poll and similar other sticker! I think this could be a great way to increase engagement with Reels and encourage other users to interact with your content. What do you think?

4. Pin Grid Posts

Instagram users have been waiting for this feature for a long time. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, now Instagram users can pin up to 3 posts to their grid profile. It may feel natural to pin your highest performing posts, but should you?

I recommend using the new pinning feature to reach your brand’s goals and connect meaningfully with your target audience. Think of these pinned posts as a digital elevator pitch. Consider how you want to promote yourself or brand/business and pin carefully with intention. Here are 3 ideas for pinned posts:

  • Introduce yourself

  • Share your mission or vision

  • Promote your services

How will the pinned posts contribute to your Instagram marketing plans and overall digital marketing strategies? Like your story highlights, use your first few grid posts to make a stellar first impression. It takes just a few seconds for someone to see content and decide if they want to stay, explore, and connect.


Personally, I think pin grid posts are the most anticipated out of these four new features. Many Instagram users have already jumped on the roll out and have pinned posts on their profile. However you decide to incorporate these features into your marketing strategies is entirely up to you! I'm excited to see how others do so and I'm especially excited to see what else Instagram has up their sleeve this year! Follow Instagram @Creators or Adam Mosseri to stay updated.


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