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Road to the Super League

It has been a journey filled with anticipation and dedication ever since Lexington Sporting Club announced its intention to field a fully professional women's team in the USL Super League over a year ago. For fans, it has been a year of following USL1 and W League action, eagerly awaiting the moment when our dreams of a Super League squad would become reality.

For loyal fans, the excitement is reaching an all time high with just two months left until the Super League kicks off and three months until we grace our brand-new soccer-specific stadium for the first time. The signings are rolling in, each one adding to the anticipation and igniting the hopes of every LSC fan. If you're anything like me, you understand the mixture of emotions that comes with the unknowns of an inaugural team. It's about more than just players wearing our colors—it's about witnessing the birth of a legacy, a team that will represent our city with pride and determination.

white and black soccer ball with a NIKE swoosh on grass with leaves

The past year has been a test of patience and loyalty, but also a testament to the dedication of our club and its supporters. From the early whispers of a Super League to the unveiling of our squad, every step has been met with fervor and anticipation. As we countdown to kickoff at the new stadium, I can't help but reflect on the significance of this moment. Our journey from USL1 and W League to the Super League is not just about advancing to a higher level of competition—it's about showcasing the talent and passion that define Lexington Sporting Club.

While we eagerly await the opportunity to see our team in action, wearing our colors with pride, I invite you to join me in celebrating each new signing and embracing the excitement that comes with building something extraordinary. Stay tuned as Lexington Sporting Club continues to unveil the inaugural Super League squad and prepare for the exhilarating season ahead. The countdown has begun, and soon we will witness the culmination of our dreams on the pitch.


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